unai urkola etxabe


Duology of Eves for viola solo (13′)

SOR operetta in 3 acts for 2 human sopranos and 3 artificial sopranos (20′)

“…it can only be created by self-destructing a being to rebuild it again, constituting a point where your dust and your remains focus without ever letting them fly. SOR is an experimental work, a study of the capacities and limits of the power of the voice, of what I can create… and destroy”.


I/O (i u o) for 3 clarinet players (15′)

Para los engorilados.

Legítima Mea for pipe organ (10′). In collaboration with Eneko Lacalle Berasategi.

“Human beings have the strange nature of understanding the world from their eyes, and in that process lose the right to understand it in its entirety. You are nonsense words, floating beams. You play with his house as if it were his body, which does not realize the scars that are left with the passage, because he believes that order does not alter reality although he loves to find the bed made. A reality of its own construction, one world starting from another. And when one falls, the other falls too, while the human being tries to make sense of what he has been legitimizing and assumes his scourging. Insurance that you will exist for eternity because you are floating beams, humanoids who justify themselves as humans, that seeks to arrive at an order that does not exist, that has dissipated as a last reason. A reason of my own that always falls”.


A Hell In-Between sound installation for 12 speakers

“A Hell In-Between” is a sound installation and the first step and representation of the application of the theory of eternal transformation in electronics, based on how to achieve liminal music, which I have been developing for the past months and is still on its initial schemes. Designed for a12 speakers system, this sound installation works as a 12~ minutes cycle that can never be repeated, as it is made by a chaotic system of 8 voices, using the Lorenz Attractor (“Chaotic Voices”) and a random quantum system of 12 dimensions (“Quantum Voices”). 
The ultimate goal is to achieve a liminal aesthetic or a liminal ecstasy in a hellish environment by creating a repeating pattern that seamlessly changes with time.


I Feel Fantastic for ensemble, 4 soloists, electronics, an android, and a human (10′)

“I Feel Fantastic” is the last in realization but the first in approach in Phase 1 of the exploration of “limit music”, along with “Backrooms Resonance Project: User Manual” and “A Hell In-Between”, in which I try to examine sound formations with liminal characteristics. It is this work that looks at and shows how such characteristics can function in an ensemble context.

The focal point goes to “Tara the Android”, a robotic entity that jumped out of nothing on youtube one day for which its purpose is still a mystery if there is one…”

Welcome to the Shitshow! demo-piece for smartphones. In collaboration with the Sonology department of l’ESMUC


GEBURTSTAG video essay (11′) / Mur

The birthday is the point of no return, and if you feed your insatiable hunger, it will come back every time. We share our memories while eating cake, remembering our first breath in different phases: icing the desires, condemning ourselves to the layering sentences of a repeating hope, flickering the dripping new.
This video essay brings birthday parties back to stupidity, setting them in an unsettling context.